1.0 meter MDR Plug to MDR Plug


Camera Link 1.0 meter cable with MDR male to MDR male connectors and locking thumbscrews

Part Number: FD-618-14T26-01-0LC

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These Fresh Digit Camera Link Cables are PoCL compatible and are designed with locking thumbscrews to withstand the harshest applications.

Key Features

  • Connector 1: 26 pos, MDR, molded hood, with thumbscrews, color black
  • Connector 2: 26 pos, MDR, molded hood, with thumbscrews, color black
  • Wire: (28AWGx1PR+A)x11 + 26AWGx2C+2EMAB 90%, UL20276, color beige
  • Fully support Camera Link standard for Base, Medium, Full
  • PoCL compliant

Backorder Policy

Fresh Digit maintains a minimum 3 week lead time on all out-of-stock products and will immediately notify customer of any changes in lead time. Thus, customer reserves a three-day grace period to cancel backordered items from the time of purchase. Submit all cancel/refund requests to online@freshdigit.com.

Additional information




1.0 meter


Cable Weight ≈ 0.25 lb
Shipping Weight = 1.0 lb




RoHS Compliant
Compliant with Camera Link standard

MDR Plug to MDR Plug

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